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Caulfield Cup

1920 Caulfield Cup winner, EURYTHMIC
Trainer: Jack Holt
Jockey: Frank Dempsey

Caulfield Cup:


  • With prizemoney of 200 sovereigns (with added sweepstakes of 10 sovereigns per runner), the first Caulfield Cup (over about twelve furlongs) was conducted on Saturday, April 5, 1879.
  • The Cup was conducted again in the Autumn in both 1880 and 1881, the first three editions enjoying only modest success. The Victoria Amateur Turf Club then elected to shift the Cup to the Spring in 1881 (resulting in two Cups being run that year) and conducted its inaugural two-day Caulfield Cup meeting at Caulfield racecourse.
  • With the military occupying Caulfield racecourse during the Second World War, the Cup was conducted at Flemington from 1940 to 1943.
  • Within four decades, prizemoney for the Cup had increased to a total of 4,000 pounds. Today, total stake-money for the race stands at $5 million, double the total stake-money of 2008.
  • 1879 – the first Caulfield Cup, won by Newminster, owned by Andrew Chirnside
  • 1881 – the Cup conducted twice, Blue Ribbon (Autumn) and Master Avenel (Spring) being the winners
  • 1885 – 16 of the 41 starters fell on the home turn, 13 others being pulled up in the mayhem. Jockey Donald Nicholson lost his life in the worst recorded accident in Australian racing history
  • 1893 – first past the post (Tim Swiveller) disqualified for boring out
  • 1909 – dead heat for first (Aborigine & Blue Book)
  • 1919 – trainer Richard Bradfield prepared the trifecta; Lucknow, Night Watch, Chrome
  • 1943 – race run in two divisions
  • 1943 – longest priced winner, Saint Warden (100/1)
  • 1957 – shortest priced winner, Tulloch (4/6f)
  • 1969 – protest upheld second (Big Philou) against first (Nausori)
   Dual Winners
  • Ming Dynasty (1977/1980) Rising Fast (1954/1955) Whittier (1922/1925) Uncle Sam (1912/1914) Poseidon (1906/1907) Hymettus (1898/1901) Paris (1892/1894)
  • 7 Wins: Bart Cummings
  • 4 Wins: Lee Freedman, Tommy Smith
  • 5 Wins: Scobie Breasley
  • 4 Wins: Damien Oliver

Caulfield Cup:


YearWinnerTrainerJockeyNo.Br.SPA/SWgtLead Up Form
1879NEWMINSTERT.WILSONW.YEOMANS4ef5H8.10Unp VRC Brunswick Stk-Unp VRC Newmarket Hcp
1880TOM KIRKI.CARSLAKER.WALKER2f8G8.3Unp VRC Newmarket Hcp-2nd VRC All Aged Stk
1881*BLUE RIBBONH.YEENDR.WALKER54H7.32nd Shepp 8f Hcp-1st Moor Hcp-2nd Moor Hcp
1881*MASTER AVENELT.IVORYP.PIGOTT126H7.12Unp Hawk 10f Hcp-Unp Rand 10f Hcp-Unp Toorak Hcp
1882LITTLE JACKJ.WILSON SNRC.MOORE203C6.111st Geel 10f Hcp
1883CALMAP.HEYWOODM.O'BRIEN4f4H8.2First run back from a spell (292 days)
1884BLINK BONNYT.WILSONA.BLAIR506M7.3First run back from a spell (143 days)
1885GRACE DARLINGJ.DUFFETTJ.WILLIAMS306M7.10Unp Caul 8f Hcp-Unp Geel 12f Hcp-Unp Caul 7f Hcp
1886BEN BOLTP.KELLYM.O'BRIEN85H7.6First run back from a spell (112 days)
1887OAKLEIGHT.WILSONE.GORRY125H6.9Unp Geel 12f Hcp-Unp Caul 8f Hcp-3rd Brat 8f Hcp
1888CHICAGOR.MCKENNAJ.CAMPBELL95H7.41st Elsternwick 9.5f Hcp
1889BOZJ.CRIPPSR.RAMAGE205H7.91st (DH) Williamstown 9f Hcp-1st Epsom 5.5f Hcp-Unp Caulfield Stk
1892PARISJ.MONAGHANC.PARKER145G8.81st Rand 11f Hcp-Unp Caulfield Stk
1893*SAINFOINI.CARSLAKEC.ETTRIDGE165H7.13Unp Epsom Hcp-Unp The Metrop-3rd VRC 9f Hcp
1894PARISJ.ALLSOPJOHN FIELDER147G9.43rd The Metrop-2nd Craven Plate-Unp Caulfield Stk
1895WATERFALLM.THOMPSONW.DELANEY333C7.3Unp Rand 9f Hcp-1st The Shorts-1st Rand 10f Hcp
1896CREMORNEJ.ALLSOPE.HUXLEY338G8.9Unp Rand 10f Hcp-6th Epsom Hcp-Unp Toorak Hcp
1897AMBERITEW.DUGGANM.HARRIS203C7.7Unp The Metrop-1st Rand 8f Hcp-6th Caulfield Stk
1898HYMETTUSP.HEYWOODN.LEEK104H7.61st Heatherlie Hcp-Unp Caulfield Stk-1st Coongy Hcp
1899DEWEYT.PAYTENL.KUHN73C6.125th VRC October Stk-3rd Caulfield Stk-1st Coongy Hcp
1900INGLISTONJ.LEEKC.COOPER104G7.42nd Caul 11f Hcp-1st VRC 10f Hcp-5th Memsie Stk
1901HYMETTUSP.HEYWOODW.POWELL9-27H8.121st Memsie Stk-2nd Caulfield Stk-2nd Eclipse Stk
1902LIEUTENANT BILLD.HARRISW.DANIELS404G7.7Unp VRC 10f Hcp-7th Toorak Hcp-2nd Eclipse Stk
1903SWEET NELLJ.SCOBIEA.RICHARDSON83F6.136th The Metrop-2nd AJC Grantham Stk-1st Caulfield Gneas
1904MURMURF.MUSGRAVES.FISHER105G6.121st Caul 8f Hcp-3rd Caul 9f Hcp-1st Heatherlie Hcp
1905MARVEL LOCHT.SCULLYA.HOOD106M8.72nd Randwick Plte-2nd Caulfield Stk-1st Eclipse Stk
1906POSEIDONI.EARNSHAWT.CLAYTON3f3C7.71st AJC Derby-2nd The Metrop-1st Eclipse Stk
1907POSEIDONI.EARNSHAWT.CLAYTON5-2f4H9.31st AJC Spring Stk-3rd Craven Plate-1st Eclipse Stk
1908MARANUID.O'BRIENW.MCLACHLAN64H7.113rd AJC Spring Stk-3rd The Metrop-Unp Craven Plate
1909*ABORIGINEH.RAYNORW.MCLACHLAN334G8.93rd Tramway Hcp-6th Epsom Hcp
1909*BLUE BOOKJ.MAYOM.CONNELL205H8.1Unp Epsom Hcp-Unp The Metrop-2nd Craven Plate
1910FLAVINIUSJ.SIELYF.HICKEY7f5H8.12nd Epsom Hcp-3rd The Metrop-5th Craven Plate
1911LADY MEDALLISTJ.W.NOUDW.BARNETT3f5M8.52nd The Metrop-1st Craven Plate-3rd Caulfield Stk
1912UNCLE SAMM.WHITTYG.LAMBERT74H7.61st Caul 7f Hcp-1st Toorak Hcp
1913AURIFERJ.SIELYW.H.SMITH9-2f4H8.13rd Epsom Hcp-3rd The Metrop-5th Craven Plate
1914UNCLE SAMM.WHITTYJ.ETTERSHANK9-26H8.7Unp VRC 6f Hcp-2nd Memsie Stk-2nd Caulfield Stk
1915LAVENDOL.ROBERTSONF.DEMPSEY64H7.21st Mentone 6f Hcp-1st Epsom 6f Hcp-1st VRC October Stk
1916SHEPHERD KINGC.WHEELERR.LEWIS11-26H7.7Unp VRC October Stk-6th Caulfield Stk-2nd Eclipse Stk
1917BRONZETTIJ.SMITHF.DEMPSEY6f3C6.132nd AJC Derby-3rd Clibborn Stk-2nd Caulfield Gneas
1918KING OFFAR.BRADFIELDF.BULLOCK5-2f5H7.111st Caul 7f Hcp-1st VRC October Stk
1919LUCKNOWR.BRADFIELDF.BULLOCK9-26H8.61st Heatherlie Stk-1st VRC 10f Hcp-3rd Toorak Hcp
1920EURYTHMICJ.HOLTF.DEMPSEY6-4f4H8.91st Memsie Stk-1st VRC October Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1921VIOLONCELLOC.BRYANSW.FOULSHAM166H8.132nd STC Hill Stk-2nd AJC Spring Stk-5th Herbert Power
1922WHITTIERH.MCCALMANE.SIMMONS163C6.131st Williamstown 6f Hcp-2nd Heatherlie Hcp-2nd Caulfield Gneas
1923WYNETTEH.TORRE.SIMMONS56M6.111st Heatherlie Hcp-Unp VRC 10f Hcp-6th Caulfield Stk
1924PURSERC.GODBYG.YOUNG158G9.5Unp The Metrop-1st Rand 12f Hcp-Unp Coongy Hcp
1925WHITTIERH.MCCALMANJ.PIKE9-2f6H9.01st Warwick Stk-2nd AJC Spring Stk-3rd Caulfield Stk
1926MANFREDH.MCCALMANR.LEWIS5-4f4H9.62nd Memsie Stk-1st VRC October Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1927TEXTILEE.O'DWYERW.SCANLON206H8.33rd Mentone 10f Hcp-1st Toorak Hcp-2nd Coongy Hcp
1928MAPLEJ.HOLTW.DUNCAN75M8.72nd Mentone 10f Hcp-5th VRC 10f Hcp-2nd Herbert Power
1929HIGH SYCEJ.HOLTW.DUNCAN2f5H9.42nd Memsie Stk-1st VRC October Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1930AMOUNISF.MCGRATHW.COOK142f8G9.8Unp MV 7f Qlty-1st VRC October Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1931DENIS BOYF.MCGRATHA.KNOX147125H7.01st Hawk Rowley Mile-6th Epsom Hcp-1st Rand 10f Hcp
1932ROGILLAL.HAIGHG.ROBINSON1311105G7.121st Rhil 7f Hcp-2nd Epsom Hcp-2nd The Metrop
1933GAINE CARRINGTONC.GODBYJ.PIKE417124G8.136th Caul 6f Hcp-3rd VRC October Stk-3rd Toorak Hcp
1934JOURNALJ.CUSHA.KNOX81474G7.13Unp Rhil 11f Hcp-2nd The Metrop-3rd Toorak Hcp
1935PALFRESCOCLAUDE BROWNN.PERCIVAL2724203C7.1Unp MV Stakes-5th VRC 10f Hcp-5th Caulfield Stk
1936NORTHWINDC.GODBYH.BADGER1921665G7.61st Ascot 8f Wltr-2nd Ascot 10f Hcp-12th Herbert Power
1937*THE TRUMPS.REIDA.REED192065G7.121st MV 6f Hcp-1st Caul 9f Hcp-1st Toorak Hcp
1938BUZALONGA.LEFTWICHF.SHEAN71711-2f5G8.6Unp Tramway Hcp-1st Hawk 10.5f Hcp-2nd The Metrop
1939RIVETTEH.BAMBERE.PRESTON2033f6M7.23rd Heatherlie Hcp-3rd MV 10f Hcp-2nd Herbert Power
1940BEAULIVREG.PRICEA.DEWHURST51104H9.01st Chelmsford Stk-15th Epsom Hcp-16th The Metrop
1941VELOCITYS.FERGUSONJ.PURTELL131124H8.3Unp Mentone 10f Hcp-1st VRC 12f Hcp-7th Herbert Power
1942TRANQUIL STARR.CAMERONA.BREASLEY220155M8.121st MV 8f Qlty-4th VRC Melb Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1943*SAINT WARDENJ.NICHOLSONH.WHITE SNR2071007G7.3Unp Mentone 10.5f Hcp-1st Geel 8.5f Hcp-Unp VRC 13f Hcp
1943*SKIPTONJ.FRYERA.BREASLEY121145H9.2Unp Mentone 8f Hcp-Unp VRC Melb Stk-Unp Herbert Power
1944COUNSELR.WEBSTERA.BREASLEY3188ef7G8.121st MV 10f Qlty-1st VRC 8f WFA-2nd Caulfield Stk
1945ST FAIRYT.LEWISA.BREASLEY347-2f5G9.01st Heatherlie Hcp-1st Underwood Stk-2nd Caulfield Stk
1946ROYAL GEMG.JESSERR.HEATHER415334H9.01st Chel 8.5f Qlty-2nd Underwood Stk-1st Toorak Hcp
1947COLUMNISTM.MCCARTENH.BADGER349-2f5H9.03rd Epsom Hcp-3rd Craven Plte-1st Caulfield Stk
1948RED FURYJ.FLANNERYW.BRISCOE135165H7.102nd VRC 10f Wltr-5th MV 10f Qlty-8th Herbert Power
1949LINCOLNL.ROBERTSONN.EASTWOOD249127G6.102nd MV 10f Qlty-3rd Caul 8f Highweight-4th Toorak Hcp
1950GREY BOOTSH.COOPERN.SELLWOOD1247f5G7.134th Rand 6f Hcp-2nd George Main Stk-1st Toorak Hcp
1951BASHA FELIKAE.FISHERN.SELLWOOD10114f4G7.132nd Craiglee Stk-2nd Underwood Stk-5th Turnbull Stk
1952PESHAWARP.QUINLANA.BREASLEY111311-4f4H8.21st Memsie Stk-8th Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1953MY HEROO.WATSONN.EASTWOOD24106H8.73rd NZ 10f Hcp-9th Underwood Stk-1st Herbert Power
1954RISING FASTI.TUCKERA.WARD347-4f5G8.102nd Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1955RISING FASTF.HOYSTEDW.WILLIAMSON11711-26G9.102nd Turnbull Stk-1st Herbert Power-2nd Caulfield Stk
1956REDCRAZET.J.SMITHA.WARD1179-4f6G9.131st Colin Stephen-1st The Metrop-1st Caulfield Stk
1957TULLOCHT.J.SMITHN.SELLWOOD10174-6f3C7.81st Rosehill Gneas-1st AJC Derby-1st Caulfield Gneas
1958SIR BLINKJ.GODBYA.YEOMANS191063C7.53rd Rosehill Gneas-2nd AJC Derby-4th Caulfield Stk
1959REGAL WENCHW.MURRELLT.DYER239255M7.42nd Caul 12f Hcp-1st Morn 10f Hcp-7th Herbert Power
1960ILUMQUHE.ROPIHAW.WILLIAMSON1211125G8.07th Memsie Stk-1st Caul 8f Wltr-5th Caul 9f Wltr
1961SUMMER FAIRL.O'SULLIVANW.A.SMITH1214203C7.72nd Rosehill Gneas-1st AJC Derby-3rd Caulfield Gneas
1962EVEN STEVENSA.MCGREGORL.COLES13565H7.83rd NZ Avondale Cup-3rd Caul 9f Wltr-1st Caul 8f Wltr
1963SOMETIMEL.PATTERSONW.PYERS425-2f5G8.112nd Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1964YANGTZER.DINIJ.STOCKER192143C7.41st Port Adel Gneas-4th MV Stakes-1st Caulfield Gneas
1965BORE HEADR.DILLONF.CLARKE79146G8.98th Feehan Hcp-2nd MV 10f Hcp-2nd Herbert Power
1966GALILEEJ.B.CUMMINGSJ.J.MILLER53144H8.77th STC Hill Stk-2nd Epsom Hcp-1st Toorak Hcp
1967TOBIN BRONZEH.G.HEAGNEYJ.JOHNSON1155f5H9.101st MV 6f Hcp-1st Toorak Hcp
1968BUNRATTY CASTLEK.WYNNER.MALLYON1719125H7.132nd Feehan Hcp-1st Bdgo 8.5f Wltr-2nd Toorak Hcp
1969*BIG PHILOUJ.B.CUMMINGSR.HIGGINS12179-2f4H8.22nd Feehan Hcp-6th Caul 10f Hcp-2nd Caulfield Stk
1970BEER STREETD.JUDDB.GILDERS1310154H7.113rd Heatherlie Hcp-2nd MV 10f Hcp-1st Herbert Power
1971GAY ICARUSC.BEECHEYR.MALLYON357-2f4G9.23rd Craiglee Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1972SOBARK.HILTONH.WHITE1882f3C483rd Craiglee Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Gneas
1973SWELL TIMEW.WINDERB.ANDREWS1110164M51.53rd NZ 1600m Hcp-6th MV 1600m Mares Hcp-6th Caulfield Stk
1974LEILANIJ.B.CUMMINGSR.MALLYON1379-4f4M523rd Caul 1600m Wltr-1st Turnbull Stk-1st Toorak Hcp
1975ANALIGHTC.BEECHEYP.TROTTER134334M50.51st MV 1600m Hcp-1st Turnbull Stk-7th Toorak Hcp
1976HOW NOWC.S.HAYESJ.STOCKER14163f4M521st Craiglee Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1977MING DYNASTYJ.B.CUMMINGSH.WHITE12794G546th Underwood Stk-5th (DH) Turnbull Stk-5th Toorak Hcp
1978TAKSANT.J.SMITHJ.DUGGAN1414145G528th Epsom Hcp-1st Colin Stephen-2nd Coongy Hcp
1979MIGHTY KINGDOMT.J.SMITHM.JOHNSTON1812103C471st Chelmsford Stk-2nd Spring Champion-1st Caulfield Stk
1980MING DYNASTYJ.B.CUMMINGSE.DIDHAM313507G582nd Chelmsford Stk-4th Rhil STC Cup-10th The Metrop
1981SILVER BOUNTYG.CARSONE.DIDHAM83114H532nd Feehan Stk-4th Caul 1600m WFA-2nd Toorak Hcp
1982GURNER'S LANEG.MURPHYB.THOMSON66204G53.51st Newcastle Cup-3rd Colin Stephen-4th The Metrop
1983HAYAIJ.LEEN.VOIGT99144H52.52nd Newcastle Cup-2nd Colin Stephen-1st The Metrop
1984AFFINITYJ.MOLONEYP.HYLAND910115G533rd VRC 1600m Wltr-9th Underwood Stk-2nd Herbert Power
1985TRISTARCR.MCDONALDW.TRELOAR14165f4M50.52nd Craiglee Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1986MR LOMONDYN.EALESD.WALSH62336G53.57th NZ Wanganui Stk-1st NZ Kelt Stk-10th NZ Taranaki Stk
1987LORD REIMSC.FENWICKB.THOMSON718146G5213th MV 1600m Hcp-10th Cranbourne Cup-10th Coongy Hcp
1988IMPOSERAR.MCDONALDB.YORK153504M518th Rupert Clarke Stk-2nd Epsom Hcp-11th Caulfield Stk
1989COLE DIESELG.MANCEM.KERR15784G501st Shannon Qlty-6th Epsom Hcp-1st Toorak Hcp
1990SYDESTONR.E.HOYSTEDL.DITTMAN2511-2f5G573rd Craiglee Stk-4th Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1991LET'S ELOPEJ.B.CUMMINGSS.KING171774M48.53rd VRC Milady Stk-10th Royal Show Hcp-1st Turnbull Stk
1992MANNERISMD.L.FREEDMAND.OLIVER81395M54.51st VRC Milady Stk-1st Rupert Clarke Stk-4th Caulfield Stk
1993FRAARD.HAYESP.HUTCHINSON77306H54.55th Craiglee Stk-13th Underwood Stk-8th Herbert Power
1994PARIS LANED.L.FREEDMAND.OLIVER953f4G532nd Underwood Stk-2nd Turnbull Stk-3rd Caulfield Stk
1995DORIEMUSD.L.FREEDMAND.OLIVER9585G529th Memsie Stk-8th Underwood Stk-2nd Turnbull Stk
1996ARCTIC SCENTJ.MASONB.STANLEY172204M491st Caul 1600m Mares Hcp-1st Stocks Stk-8th Caulfield Stk
1997MIGHT AND POWERJ.DENHAMJ.CASSIDY13794G52.52nd Tramway Hcp-2nd Shannon Qlty-8th Epsom Hcp
1998TAUFAN'S MELODYLADY HERRIESR.COCHRANE99668G53.52nd GB 2400m LR-5th Scan 2400m LR-1st Germ 3200m LR
1999SKY HEIGHTSC.ALDERSOND.OLIVER195-2f4G56.51st Craiglee Stk-2nd Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk
2000DIATRIBEG.M.HANLONJ.CASSIDY61184H52.59th Craiglee Stk-9th Underwood Stk-3rd Turnbull Stk
2001ETHEREALMS S.LAXONS.SEAMER1710$8ef4M503rd NZ 1400m FM Hcp-3rd NZ Matamata Cup-3rd Caulfield Stk
2002NORTHERLYF.KERSLEYG.CHILDS19$5.50f6G581st Craiglee Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk
2003MUMMIFYD.L.FREEDMAND.NIKOLIC613$5.50f4G531st Underwood Stk-13th Turnbull Stk-2nd Caulfield Stk
2004ELVSTROEMA.VASILN.RAWILLER53$3.90f4H542nd Craiglee Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk
2005RAILINGSJ.HAWKESG.CHILDS99$8.504G522nd Kingston Town-1st Colin Stephen-1st The Metrop
2006TAWQEETD.HAYESD.DUNN92$175H53.55th (DH) VRC 1700m Hcp-5th Naturalism Stk-1st The Metrop
2007MASTER O'REILLYD.O'BRIENV.DURIC184$9.50f5G50.51st VRC 2000m Hcp-3rd MV JRA Cup-1st Herbert Power
2008ALL THE GOODSAEED BIN SUROORK.MCEVOY86$416H54.54th GB 2400m RB105-9th GB Shergar Cup-1st GB Newburgh Hcp
2009VIEWEDJ.B.CUMMINGSB.RAWILLER113$136G574th Memsie Stk-10th Underwood Stk-7th Turnbull Stk
2010DESCARADOMS G.WATERHOUSEC.MUNCE1515$174G52.56th Theo Marks-1st Hill Stk-14th Turnbull Stk
2011SOUTHERN SPEEDL.MACDONALD & A.GLUYASC.WILLIAMS183$104M52.54th MV Stocks Stk-2nd Underwood Stk-4th Turnbull Stk
2012DUNADENM.DELZANGLESC.WILLIAMS218$147H58First run since 6th GB 2400m King George Stk (July 21)
2013FAWKNERR.HICKMOTTN.HALL710$116G557th Tramway Stk-5th George Main Stk-3rd Turnbull Stk
2014ADMIRE RAKTIT.UMEDAZ.PURTON17$117H58First run since 13th Japan 3200m Tenno Sho (May 4)
2015MONGOLIAN KHANMURRAY BAKERO.BOSSON66$5f4H557th Makybe Diva Stk-4th Underwood Stk-3rd Caulfield Stk
2016JAMEKAC.MAHERN.HALL1111$4.20f4M52.57th Feehan Stk-1st Naturalism Stk-2nd Turnbull Stk
2017BOOM TIMED. & B.HAYES & T.DABERNIGC.PARISH133$516H529th MV 1600m Hcp-3rd JRA Cup-4th Herbert Power
2018BEST SOLUTIONSAEED BIN SUROORP.COSGRAVE115$125H57.51st GB Princess of Wales-1st GER Von Berlin-1st GER Von Baden
2019MER DE GLACEH.SHIMIZUD.LANE317$85H55.5First run since 1st Japan 2000m Kokura Kinen (Aug 4)