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Caulfield Guineas

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1972 Caulfield Guineas winner, SOBAR
Trainer: Ken Hilton
Jockey: Harry White

Caulfield Guineas:

Snapshot History

  • With prizemoney of 200 sovereigns (with added sweepstakes of 10 sovereigns per runner), the first Caulfield Guineas (eight furlongs) was conducted on Thursday, October 13, 1881.
  • This was the opening day of the inaugural two-day Caulfield Cup meeting conducted by the Victoria Amateur Turf Club on the Caulfield racecourse.
  • With the military occupying Caulfield racecourse during the Second World War, the Guineas was conducted at Flemington from 1940 to 1943.
  • Total stake-money for the race presently stands at $2 million, a four-fold increase since Kenwood Melody won the 1998 Caulfield Guineas worth $500,000.
  • 1881 – the AJC Derby winner Wheatear defeats the subsequent VRC Oaks winner Royal Maid in the first running of the Guineas
  • 1884 – Sandal becomes the first of 12 fillies to win the Guineas
  • 1898 – Shortest Priced Winner: Bobadil (1/4f)
  • 1945 – Dead Heat for first occurred between Attley and Royal Gem
  • 1986 – Longest Priced Winner: Abaridy (250/1)
  • 1979 – protest upheld second (Runaway Kid) against first (Bold Diplomat)
  • 1987 – protest upheld second (Marwong) against first (Our Poetic Prince)
  • 2000 – first past post (Skalato) disqualified after subsequently returning a positive swab
  • 5 Wins: Bart Cummings, Geoff Murphy, James Scobie
  • 4 Wins: Hugh Munro, Tom Payten
  • 3 Wins: Scobie Breasley, Tom Hales, Roy Higgins, George Lambert, Bobby Lewis, Maurice McCarten, George Moore, Ashley Reed, Brent Thomson

Caulfield Guineas


Year Horse Trainer Jockey No. Br. SP Lead-Up Form Br. Range Br. Count
Year Horse Trainer Jockey No. Br. SP Lead-Up Form Br. Range Br. Count
1881 WHEATEAR T.LAMOND W.YEOMANS 6-4f 1st AJC Derby-2nd Craven Plte-1st AJC 9f Members Hcp 1 9
1882 FRYINGPAN F.DAKIN E.POWER 4 First run back from a spell (199 days) 2 4
1883 SARDIUS H.TOTHILL R.WYMAN 1-7 2nd SA Derby-2nd SA Spring Hcp-1st SA September Hcp 3 8
1884 SANDAL W.GORDON M.TRAHAN 20 Unp SA 8f Hcp-2nd SA Derby 4 9
1885 RINGMASTER J.WILSON JNR C.MOORE 3 1st Flem 8f Hcp 5 4
1886 MADDELINA A.DAVIES B.COLLEY 5 First run back from a spell (138 days) 6 3
1887 CARLYON T.PAYTEN T.HALES 2f 1st Rand 10f Trial Stk-3rd Rand 10f Foal Stk 7 5
1888 VOLLEY T.PAYTEN T.HALES 6-4f 2nd AJC Derby-2nd AJC Oaks 8 6
1889 RUDOLPH T.PAYTEN T.HALES 4-7f 1st Hawk 10f 3YO Stk-2nd AJC Derby-1st Rand 10f Foal Stk 9 2
1890 ANNESLEY J.SCOBIE E.POWER 4 First run back from a spell (140 days) 10 4
1891 STRATHMORE H.MUNRO P.MCGOWAN 5-2 First run back from a spell (217 days) 11 5
1892 AUTONOMY T.PAYTEN E.HUXLEY 5-4f 3rd Rand Spring Stk-2nd Craven Plte-3rd Rand Plate 12 3
1893 PATRON R.BRADFIELD G.TRAINOR 3 2nd Maribyrnong Cup-Unp Flem 9f Hcp 13 4
1894 COBBITY W.HICKENBOTHAM JAMES GOUGH 6 3rd AJC Derby-2nd AJC Biennial Stk-2nd AJC 9f Members Hcp 14 2
1895 WALLACE H.MUNRO JAMES GOUGH 4-7f 2nd VRC September Stk 16 1
1896 THE OFFICER S.COOK H.HOLMES 8 First run back from a spell (84 days) 17 1
1897 AURUM H.MUNRO H.MORRISON 2-5f First run back from a spell (170 days)
1898 BOBADIL H.MUNRO H.MORRISON 1-4f 1st Flem 10f Hcp-1st VRC October Stk
1899 TREMARDEN A.TAYLOR T.FINLEY 12 6th Memsie Stk-5th VRC 10f Hcp
1901 IBEX P.GOUGH C.GODBY 1-3 Unp Rand 9f Hcp
1902 STRATA FLORIDA W.HICKENBOTHAM W.BURN 5-2 1st AJC 10f Hcp-Unp AJC 8f Hcp-1st VRC October Stk
1903 SWEET NELL J.SCOBIE R.LEWIS 10-9f 2nd AJC Derby-6th Metropolitan Stk-2nd Rand 8f Hcp
1904 DEMAS J.SCOBIE W.H.ROSS 1-4 5th AJC Derby-1st Rand 10f Hcp
1905 LADY WALLACE J.BURTON T.CLAYTON 6 1st Rhil 8f Hcp-3rd AJC Derby-2nd Rand 9f Hcp
1906 BOORAN W.MURRAY R.LEWIS 7 Unp Ment 6f Wltr-1st Sandown 6f Hcp-1st Caul 6f Hcp
1907 MASTER FOOTE W.HICKENBOTHAM W.EVANS 5-2f 1st Caul 6f Hcp-3rd VRC October Stk
1908 PARSEE I.EARNSHAW T.CLAYTON 4-5f 1st W Fm 6f Hcp-2nd Rhil Spring Stk-1st AJC Derby
1909 MALT KING J.O'BRIEN CYRIL BOLTON 7-2 3rd Chelmsford Stk-1st Rhil Spring Stk-4th AJC Derby
1910 DANAUS R.EWART W.BURN 15 Unp Memsie Stk
1911 WOOLERINA J.W.NOUD W.BARNETT 4 1st Rhil Gneas-4th AJC Derby-3rd Clibborn Stk
1912 BURRAWANG R.BRADFIELD G.LAMBERT 7-4f 1st Flem 10f Hcp
1913 ANDELOSIA P.HEYWOOD G.LAMBERT 4-5f Unp Chelmsford Stk-5th AJC Derby-3rd Clibborn Stk
1914 BLAGUE A.SKIRVING W.SMART 3 1st Sandown 5f Hcp-1st Adelaide Gneas
1915 PATROBAS C.WHEELER W.SMART 4-5f 6th Flem 8f 3YO Hcp-1st Caul 7f Hcp-2nd VRC October Stk
1916 ETTEFRED P.HEYWOOD G.LAMBERT 14 3rd Caul 7f Wltr-Unp Sandown 10f Hcp-Unp Caul 10f Hcp
1917 THRICE J.SCOBIE R.LEWIS 6-4f 3rd AJC Derby
1918 EUSEBIUS C.WHEELER L.FRANKLIN 5-2 Unp Caul 9f Hcp-1st Memsie Stk-2nd VRC October Stk
1919 ARTILLERYMAN P.HEYWOOD G.HARRISON 2f 1st Memsie Stk-3rd Rhil Gneas-1st (DH) AJC Derby
1920 MIDILLI J.SCOBIE G.HARRISON 20 4th Caul 8f Hcp-Unp Heatherlie Hcp-Unp MV 6f Hcp
1921 DEMETRIUS C.GODBY H.CAIRNS 7-2f Unp Caul 7f 2YO Hcp-3rd Flem 6f Hcp-2nd Memsie Stk
1922 SOORAK W.LAIDLAW J.PIKE 7-4f 3rd Hill Stk-1st Hawk 8f 3YO Hcp-2nd AJC Derby
1923 KING CARNIVAL A.FOULSHAM E.SIMMONS 7-2f Unp Rhil Gneas-3rd AJC Derby-2nd Craven Plte
1924 HEROIC C.GODBY H.CAIRNS 4-6f Unp Warwick Stk-1st Chelmsford Stk-1st AJC Derby
1925 MANACRE R.CAMERON F.FORBES 8 Unp Memsie Stk-1st MV 6f Hcp-3rd MV 6f Hcp
1926 RAMPION F.WILLIAMS SID CRACKNELL 4-6f 1st Hobartville Stk-2nd Rhil Gneas-1st AJC Derby
1927 AVANT COURIER F.FOULSHAM J.DANIELS 12 2nd Sand 6f 3YO Hcp-1st MV 8f Mdn-3rd VRC 8f October Stk
1928 BALMERINO D.PRICE A.REED 25 Unp Memsie Stk-3rd Mentone 10f Hcp-Unp VRC 10f Hcp
1929 PENTHEUS F.MARSDEN J.O'BRIEN 1-4 Unp Rhil Gneas-Unp AJC Derby-1st Rand 9f Hcp
1930 GREEN WAVE G.MURRELL A.REED 4 Unp Underwood Stk-1st MV 6f Hcp
1931 AMMON RA J.JAMIESON M.MCCARTEN 4-6f 1st Hobartville Stk-1st Chelmsford Stk-1st AJC Derby
1932 LIBERAL F.FOULSHAM O.CALLINAN 6 1st Underwood Stk-Unp Memsie Stk-2nd MV 7f Qlty
1933 PALPHAR E.FISHER A.KNOX 16 3rd VRC 8f 3YO Hcp-1st Caul 6f Hcp-Unp MV 7f Qlty
1934 THEO F.WILLIAMS J.O'SULLIVAN 25 Unp Chelmsford Stk-3rd Rhil Gneas-1st AJC Derby
1935 YOUNG IDEA F.FOULSHAM A.REED 6 1st Maitland Stk-2nd Hill Stk-5th AJC Derby
1936 BEECHWOOD F.MUSGRAVE W.ELLIOT 1-2 Unp Underwood Stk-Unp MV Stakes-1st MV 6f Qlty
1937 AJAX F.MUSGRAVE M.MCCARTEN 5-4f 1st Caul 8f 3YO Hcp-1st Rhil Gneas-2nd AJC Derby
1938 NUFFIELD J.HOLT D.MUNRO 1-2f 1st AJC Derby
1939 HIGH CASTE J.JAMIESON E.BARTLE 9-10f 2nd AJC Derby-1st Craven Plte-1st Rand 8f 3YO Hcp
1940 LUCRATIVE H.FREEDMAN M.MCCARTEN 7-4f Unp Chelmsford Stk-3rd Rhil Gneas-2nd AJC Derby
1941 TEA CAKE P.QUINLAN J.PURTELL 7 2nd MV 6f Hcp-3rd Underwood Stk-2nd MV Stakes
1942 GREAT BRITAIN H.FREEDMAN H.BADGER 7-2f 5th Memsie Stk-Unp MV Stakes-1st VRC 8f WFA
1943 LAWRENCE L.ROBERTSON H.OLSEN 3f 7th Memsie Stk-Unp MV Stakes-4th VRC 8f WFA
1944 KINTORE T.LEWIS A.BREASLEY 8 1st Mentone 6f Hcp-2nd Mentone 6f Hcp-3rd MV Stakes
1945 ROYAL GEM P.QUINLAN A.BREASLEY 7 1st Caul 6f Hcp-2nd Underwood Stk-2nd MV Stakes
1945 ATTLEY W.CUTLER A.DEWHURST 5-4f Unp MV 6f Hcp-1st Caul 8f 3CG Hcp-1st MV Stakes
1946 PRAETOR E.FISHER SAM MARTIN 20 1st MV 6f 3YO Mdn-2nd MV 8f 3YO Hcp
1947 HORORATA E.J.WILLMOTT W.BRISCOE 1-24 2nd MV 8f Hcp-3rd MV Stakes-7th VRC 10f 3CG Hcp
1948 PHOIBOS P.QUINLAN A.BREASLEY 4-6f 6th Memsie Stk-1st MV 8f WFA-1st MV Stakes
1949 IRON DUKE L.ROBERTSON W.WILLIAMSON 4 4th MV Stakes-4th Underwood Stk
1950 MERRY SCOUT T.LEWIS W.A.SMITH 14 1 25 19th Caul 6f Hcp-3rd (DH) VRC 6f 3YO Hcp-5th Caul 7f 3YO Hcp
1951 HYDROGEN E.HUSH D.MUNRO 11 16 4 1st Rhil Gneas-5th AJC Derby-1st Craven Plate
1952 BAYSIDE T.MURDOCH E.SELLERS 1 11 200 15th Caul 6f 3CG Hcp
1953 BARFLEUR F.DALTON W.CAMER 1 4 6 5th Cant 6f Graduation-1st Hobartville Stk-3rd Canterbury Gneas
1954 KING BORU A.LOPES R.HEATHER 6 4 10 6th MV 1600m 8f Hcp-5th MV Stakes-1st Caul 6f 3YO Hcp
1955 CARANNA E.HUSH A.MULLEY 6 3 3 2nd Canterbury Gneas-1st Rhil Gneas-1st AJC Derby
1956 HOT SPELL F.MUNRO E.PRESTON 3 3 9 9th Liston Stk-3rd Caul 8f 3CG Hcp-7th AJC Derby
1957 TULLOCH T.J.SMITH G.MOORE 1 12 2-7f 1st Warwick Stk-1st Rhil Gneas-1st AJC Derby
1958 WIGGLE R.SHIRTLIFF E.PRESTON 13 2 6-4f 4th Chelmsford Stk-4th Rupert Clarke Stk-1st VRC E/Manifold Stk
1959 PRINCE LEA B.CONAGHAN W.WILLIAMSON 5 7 20 2nd Caul 6f Hcp-4th MV 6f Wltr-1st Caul 6f 3YO Hcp
1960 LADY SYBIL A.SMERDON R.HIGGINS 18 7 9-4f 1st VRC 7f 3F Hcp-1st MV Stakes-1st VRC E/Manifold Stk
1961 KING BRIAN B.ANDREWS G.MOORE 5 5 11-4 1st W Fm 7f Encourage-1st Rhil Gneas-3rd AJC Derby
1962 COPPELIUS B.COURTNEY G.LANE 1 6 $5 4th VRC 6f 3YO Hcp-4th MV Stakes
1963 TIME AND TIDE H.PLANT G.MOORE 16 10 5-4f 3rd Rhil 6f Hcp-1st Theo Marks Qlty-3rd Epsom Hcp
1964 YANGTZE R.DINI J.STOCKER 17 11 8 2nd Chel 7.5f 3CG Hcp-1st Port Adelaide Gneas-4th MV Stakes
1965 STAR AFFAIR A.ARMANASCO R.HIGGINS 14 3 5-2 2nd Caul 6f Hcp-1st MV Stakes
1966 STORM QUEEN J.B.CUMMINGS J.JOHNSON 18 11 2-5f 10th V Pk 5f Hcp-1st MV Stakes-1st VRC E/Manifold Stk
1967 DARK PURPLE L.JACOBSEN J.JOHNSON 6 2 $10 3rd VRC 10f 3YO Hcp-2nd Hill Stk-5th AJC Derby
1968 RAJAH SAHIB T.HILL W.CAMER 13 13 $8 5th Canterbury Gneas-2nd Rhil Gneas-4th AJC Derby
1969 VAIN J.MOLONEY P.HYLAND 8 9 9-10f 1st MV Freeway Stk-1st Ascot Vale Stk-2nd MV Stakes
1970 DUAL CHOICE K.WHITE F.REYS 13 6 1-2f 1st MV Freeway Stk-4th Ascot Vale Stk-1st VRC E/Manifold Stk
1971 BEAU SOVEREIGN G.MURPHY M.GOREHAM 2 7 13-4 1st MV 6f 3CG Hcp-1st VRC 7f 3YO Hcp-1st MV Stakes
1972 SOBAR K.HILTON H.WHITE 3 8 6-4 7th Sand 1400m 3CG Hcp-3rd Craiglee Stk-1st Underwood Stk
1973 GRAND CIDIUM T.J.HUGHES R.MALLYON 2 4 $4 1st VRC 2000m 3YO Hcp-1st STC Hill Stk-3rd AJC Derby
1974 KENMARK J.B.CUMMINGS R.DAWKINS 10 12 25 8th Chel 1000m Hcp-1st Morp 1200m Hcp
1975 SOU WESTER J.MOLONEY A.TREVENA 7 14 16 1st Geel 1200m 3YO Mdn-1st VRC 1400m 3CG Hcp-1st VRC 1400m 3YO Hcp
1976 SURROUND G.MURPHY A.TREVENA 13 9 3 1st MV 1200m 3F Hcp-1st Ascot Vale Stk-1st MV Stakes
1977 LUSKIN STAR M.LEES R.HIGGINS 1 5 1-2f 2nd Canterbury Stk-1st Ncle Cameron Hcp
1978 MANIKATO R.E.HOYSTED G.WILLETTS 1 7 8-11f 1st Ascot Vale Stk-1st Rupert Clarke Stk
1979 RUNAWAY KID K.CURTAIN P.HYLAND 4 6 14 3rd Caul 1200m 3CG Hcp
1980 SOVEREIGN RED G.MURPHY M.GOREHAM 10 3 11-2 1st Sand 1200m 3CG Hcp-7th Ascot Vale Stk-3rd MV Stakes
1981 BINBINGA F.QUAN P.COOK 6 8 15 6th MV 1200m 3CG Hcp-1st Caul 1200m 3CG Hcp-1st VRC 1200m 3YO Hcp
1982 GROSVENOR G.MURPHY L.DITTMAN 1 13 3f 6th Peter Pan Stk-1st Gloaming Stk-2nd Spring Champion
1983 BEECHCRAFT C.S.HAYES B.THOMSON 7 11 9-2 1st NZ 1200m 2YO-1st NZ Wanganui Gneas-1st NZ Hawkes Bay Gneas
1984 RED ANCHOR T.J.SMITH L.DITTMAN 2 1 1-1f 1st Roman Consul-1st MV Stakes
1985 DRAWN L.BRIDGE J.CASSIDY 6 17 9 5th Peter Pan Stk-1st Rand 1600m 3YO Hcp-2nd Hill Stk
1986 ABARIDY S.WATKINS G.DOUGHTY 14 8 250 3rd (DH) VRC 1400m 3CG 1MW-1st VRC Exford Plte-13th MV Stakes
1987 MARWONG G.MURPHY B.THOMSON 8 4 66 3rd VRC Exford Plte-1st Rand 2000m 3YO Qlty-8th Spring Champion
1988 VITALIC A.ELKINGTON B.THOMSON 2 13 9-2 6th Ascot Vale Stk-5th MV Stakes
1989 PROCOL HARUM V.THOMPSON D.BEADMAN 7 3 33 1st Ncle Spring Stk-11th George Main Stk-3rd Spring Champion Stk
1990 CENTRO D.L.FREEDMAN D.OLIVER 13 10 25 6th MV C S Hayes Stk-4th Sand 1400m 3YO SWP-11th VRC Poseidon Stk
1991 CHORTLE B.MCLACHLAN B.YORK 2 10 15 2nd Heritage Stk-2nd Brian Crowley Stk-2nd Stan Fox Stk
1992 PALACE REIGN D.HAYES M.CLARKE 16 3 7 3rd Vain Qlty-1st VRC Exford Plte-4th MV Stutt Stk
1993 MAHOGANY D.L.FREEDMAN G.HALL 1 1 3f 1st Up & Coming Stk-4th Roman Consul-2nd Ncle Spring Stk
1994 ST. COVET D.HAYES W.HARRIS 1 4 13-4 4th Ascot Vale Stk-4th Gneas Prelude-2nd MV Stutt Stk
1995 OUR MAIZCAY G.SEARLE B.YORK 3 2 4-5f 1st Roman Consul-1st Ascot Vale Stk-1st Rupert Clarke Stk
1996 ALFA J.B.CUMMINGS R.GRIFFITHS 4 3 8 7th Ascot Vale Stk-1st Gneas Prelude-1st VRC Poseidon Stk
1997 ENCOUNTER C.CONNERS R.DYE 1 4 5-2f 1st Roman Consul-1st Ncle Spring Stk-1st George Main Stk
1998 KENWOOD MELODY F.W.MITCHELL R.DYE 5 1 4 2nd Cant 1100m 3YO NMW-1st Ming Dynasty Stk-1st Stan Fox Stk
1999 REDOUTE'S CHOICE R.HORE-LACY J.CASSIDY 3 1 10-9f 1st Manikato Stk-4th Ascot Vale Stk-3rd Rupert Clarke Stk
2000 SHOW A HEART B.MILLER S.KING 1 13 3f 2nd Ascot Vale Stk-2nd Gneas Prelude
2001 LONHRO J.HAWKES D.GAUCI 2 10 $7 1st Ming Dynasty Stk-1st Heritage Stk-1st Stan Fox Stk
2002 HELENUS L.CORSTENS S.KING 8 7 $4.20 2nd VRC Exford Plte-3rd Gneas Prelude-1st MV Stutt Stk
2003 IN TOP SWING N.MAYFIELD-SMITH N.CALLOW 1 4 $19 6th Rhil 1300m 3YO Qlty-1st Golden Rose-2nd Gneas Prelude
2004 ECONSUL G.ROGERSON C.MUNCE 8 4 $41 4th Golden Rose-10th Ncle Spring Stk-6th Stan Fox Stk
2005 GOD'S OWN J.B.CUMMINGS G.BOSS 7 12 $7.50 1st Rhil 1200m C3-4th Golden Rose-2nd Gneas Prelude
2006 WONDERFUL WORLD J.B.CUMMINGS L.NOLEN 4 8 $6.50 15th San Domenico-10th Up & Coming Stk-1st Gneas Prelude
2007 WEEKEND HUSSLER R.MCDONALD B.RAWILLER 12 2 $1.95f 1st Cran 1200m 3CG Mdn-1st Sand 1300m 3YO RB72-1st Sand 1400m 3YO Hcp
2008 WHOBEGOTYOU M.KAVANAGH M.RODD 11 11 $3f 2nd McNeil Stk-7th Gneas Prelude-1st MV Stutt Stk
2009 STARSPANGLEDBANNER L.CORSTENS D.NIKOLIC 5 1 $13 1st Vain Stk-1st McNeil Stk-4th Gneas Prelude
2010 ANACHEEVA P.MOODY L.NOLEN 5 1 $6 1st MV McKenzie Stk-1st Gneas Prelude
2011 HELMET P.SNOWDEN K.MCEVOY 2 8 $2.20f 3rd Run to the Rose-3rd Golden Rose-1st Gneas Prelude
2012 ALL TOO HARD M. W. & J.HAWKES D.DUNN 3 3 $12 3rd San Domenico-5th Run to the Rose-4th George Main Stk
2013 LONG JOHN P.SNOWDEN K.MCEVOY 4 1 $3.80f 3rd MV McKenzie Stk-1st VRC Exford Plte-3rd Gneas Prelude
2014 SHOOTING TO WIN P. & P.SNOWDEN J.MCDONALD 4 8 $7.50 2nd Ming Dynasty-3rd Golden Rose-1st Stan Fox Stk
2015 PRESS STATEMENT C.WALLER H.BOWMAN 1 14 $2.50f 2nd Run to the Rose-5th Golden Rose-1st Stan Fox Stk
2016 DIVINE PROPHET M. W. & J.HAWKES D.DUNN 4 1 $7 1st Up & Coming-4th Golden Rose-2nd Stan Fox Stk
2017 MIGHTY BOSS M.PRICE M.WALKER 17 5 $101 2nd Sand 1300m 3YO BM64-7th VRC Exford PLte-4th MV Stutt Stk
2018 THE AUTUMN SUN C.WALLER J.MCDONALD 1 5 $1.70f 3rd Stan Fox Stk-1st Golden Rose
2019 SUPER SETH A.FREEDMAN M.ZAHRA 5 4 $7.50 1st MRC McNeil Stk-6th VRC Danehill Stk-5th Gneas Prelude