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1972 Cox Plate winner, GUNSYND
Trainer: Tommy Smith
Jockey: Roy Higgins



  • With prizemoney of 1,000 pounds, the first Cox Plate (over nine and a half furlongs) was conducted on Saturday, October 28, 1922.
  • The inaugural Cox Plate played second fiddle to the Moonee Valley Gold Cup which was worth 1,500 pounds.
  • By 1973, the Cox Plate was worth $75,000 and presently total stake-money for the race stands at $5 million, ten times the total stake-money of the MV Cup.
  • 1922 – the first Cox Plate, won by Violoncello
  • 1931 – shortest priced winner, Phar Lap (1-14f)
  • 1939 – longest priced winner, Mosaic (50/1)
  • 1946 – race run in two divisions
  • 1976 – Surround, the only 3yo filly to win
   Multiple Winners
  • Four Wins: Winx (2015/2016/2017/2018)
  • Three Wins: Kingston Town (1980/1981/1982)
  • Two Wins: Phar Lap (1930/1931), Chatham (1932/1934), Young Idea (1936/1937), Beau Vite (1940/1941), Tranquil Star (1942/1944), Flight (1945/1946), Hydrogen (1952/1953), Tobin Bronze (1966/1967), Sunline (1999/2000), Northerly (2001/2002), Fields of Omagh (2003/2006), So You Think (2009/2010)
  • 7 Wins: Tommy Smith
  • 6 Wins: Jack Holt
  • 5 Wins: Bart Cummings
  • 4 Wins: Chris Waller
  • 3 Wins: Colin Hayes, Frank McGrath, Roy Shaw
  • 5 Wins: Darby Munro
  • 4 Wins: Jack Purtell, Brent Thomson, Hugh Bowman
  • 3 Wins: Harold Badger, Glen Boss, Neville Sellwood



YearWinnerTrainerJockeyNo.Br.SPA/SLead-Up Form
1922VIOLONCELLOC.BRYANSJ.KING7-27H7th Caulfield Stk-10th Herbert Power-4th Caulfield Cup
1923EASINGWOLDJ.HOLTG.HARRISON6-4f5H3rd Caulfield Stk-1st Herbert Power-2nd Caulfield Cup
1924THE NIGHT PATROLJ.SCOBIEG.YOUNG7-27H13th Memsie Stk-10th Caulfield Stk-11th Caulfield Cup
1925MANFREDH.MCCALMANF.DEMPSEY4-5f3C2nd Hill Stk-1st AJC Derby-Left at Post Caulfield Gneas
1926HEROICJ.HOLTH.CAIRNS4-5f5H1st Underwood Stk-1st Memsie Stk
1927AMOUNISF.MCGRATHJ.TOOHEY3ef5G3rd Hill Stk-6th Epsom Hcp-Unp The Metropolitan
1928HIGHLANDJ.HOLTW.DUNCAN9-27GUnp MV 7f Qlty Hcp-1st VRC 8f October Stk-2nd Toorak Hcp
1929NIGHTMARCHA.MCAULAYR.REED5-4f4H1st Epsom Hcp-2nd The Metropolitan-1st Rand 16f WFA Plte
1930PHAR LAPH.TELFORDJ.PIKE331-7f4G1st Colin Stephen-1st Craven Plte-1st Rand 16f WFA Plte
1931PHAR LAPH.TELFORDJ.PIKE171-14f5G1st Colin Stephen-1st Craven Plte-1st Rand 16f WFA Plte
1932CHATHAMF.WILLIAMSJ.MUNRO6810-9f4H1st Tramway Hcp-1st Epsom Hcp-1st Craven Plte
1933ROGILLAL.HAIGHD.MUNRO11106G1st Colin Stephen-7th The Metropolitan-1st Rand 16f WFA Plte
1934CHATHAMF.WILLIAMSS.DAVIDSON462f6HUnp Epsom Hcp-1st Craven Plte-2nd Caulfield Stk
1935GARRIOL.ROBERTSONK.VOITRE1413143C2nd VRC 8f October Stk-2nd Caulfield Gneas-6th Caul 6f Hcp
1936YOUNG IDEAJ.HOLTH.SKIDMORE249-24H5th Memsie Stk-3rd Mentone 6f Hcp-1st Caulfield Stk
1937YOUNG IDEAJ.HOLTD.MUNRO672f5HUnp MV 6f Qlty-Unp Caulfield Stk-3rd Caul 6f Hcp
1938AJAXF.MUSGRAVEH.BADGER471-2f4H1st Memsie Stk-1st VRC 8f Melb Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1939MOSAICJ.ABBSD.MUNRO38504H4th Hill Stk-1st (DH) Colin Stephen Stk-2nd Rand 16f WFA
1940BEAU VITEF.MCGRATHE.MCMENAMIN277-4f4H1st Colin Stephen Stk-1st The Metropolitan-1st Craven Plte
1941BEAU VITEF.MCGRATHD.MUNRO111-3f5H1st Colin Stephen Stk-1st Craven Plte-20th Caulfield Cup
1942TRANQUIL STARR.CAMERONK.SMITH6197-25M4th VRC 8f Melb Stk-1st Caulfield Stk-1st Caulfield Cup
1943AMANAR.SHAWA.DEWHURST775-2f4H1st VRC 8f Melb Stk-1st Caulfield Stk-2nd Caulfield Cup
1944TRANQUIL STARR.CAMERONA.BREASLEY6377M3rd VRC 8f Melb Stk-3rd Caulfield Stk-24th Caulfield Cup
1945FLIGHTF.NOWLANDJ.O'SULLIVAN4711-25MUnp The Metropolitan-1st Craven Plte-1st Rand 13f Hcp
1946*FLIGHTF.NOWLANDJ.O'SULLIVAN81136M2nd George Main Stk-17th Caulfield Cup-2nd Caul 12f Kings Cup
1946*LEONARDL.ROBERTSONW.BRISCOE59504HUnp Mentone 6f Hcp-8th Caulfield Stk-27th Caulfield Cup
1947CHANAKJ.HOLTH.BADGER869-23C4th Memsie Stk-1st MV Stakes-2nd Caulfield Gneas
1948CARBON COPYD.MCCORMICKH.BADGER9253C2nd Chelmsford Stk-6th Rosehill Gneas-1st AJC Derby
1949DELTAM.MCCARTENN.SELLWOOD1210203C1st Canterbury Gneas-2nd Rosehill Gneas-2nd AJC Derby
1950ALISTERH.WOLTERSJ.PURTELL11743C2nd Rhil 7.5f 3&4YO Hcp-1st AJC Derby-2nd Caulfield Gneas
1951BRONTONR.SINCLAIRJ.PURTELL95253C7th MV 8f 3YO Hcp-1st VRC 10f 3YO Hcp-7th Caulfield Gneas
1952HYDROGENE.HUSHD.MUNRO4411-8f4H2nd Colin Stephen-1st Craven Plate-6th Rand 12f Queens Cup
1953HYDROGENE.HUSHW.WILLIAMSON2335H1st Colin Stephen-2nd The Metropolitan-1st Rand 14f WFA Plte
1954RISING FASTI.TUCKERJ.PURTELL21011-8f5G1st Turnbull Stk-1st Caulfield Stk-1st Caulfield Cup
1955KINGSTERJ.GREENW.CAMER96333C2nd Hill Stk-6th AJC Derby-4th Caulfield Gneas
1956RAY RIBBONG.BARRJ.PURTELL2745H1st Underwood Stk-4th Caulfield Stk-5th Caulfield Cup
1957REDCRAZET.J.SMITHG.MOORE1847G1st Hill Stk-3rd Colin Stephen-3rd Craven Plate
1958YEMANH.WIGGINSL.WHITTLE21336G1st Rhil 10f Hcp-3rd Rand 10f Hcp-8th Caulfield Stk
1959NOHOLMEM.MCCARTENN.SELLWOOD10943C1st Hill Stk-1st Epsom Hcp-2nd Caulfield Gneas
1960TULLOCHT.J.SMITHN.SELLWOOD1152f6H2nd Colin Stephen-2nd George Main Stk-1st Craven Plate
1961DHAULAGIRIB.COURTNEYG.LANE119-25G2nd Turnbull Stk-3rd Caulfield Stk-3rd Caulfield Cup
1962AQUANITAR.SHAWF.MOORE364-5f6H1st Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk-4th Caulfield Stk
1963SUMMER REGENTR.COTTERJ.RIORDAN27105G17th NZ 11f Hcp-1st NZ 11f Hcp-4th Caulfield Cup
1964SIR DANER.SHAWR.HIGGINS8511-24H1st Turnbull Stk-2nd Caulfield Stk-9th Caulfield Cup
1965STAR AFFAIRA.ARMANASCOP.HYLAND11733C2nd Caul 6f Hcp-1st MV Stakes-1st Caulfield Gneas
1966TOBIN BRONZEH.G.HEAGNEYJ.JOHNSON539-10f4H1st Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk-6th Caulfield Cup
1967TOBIN BRONZEH.G.HEAGNEYJ.JOHNSON151-6f5H1st MV 6f Hcp-1st Toorak Hcp-1st Caulfield Cup
1968RAJAH SAHIBT.HILLG.MOORE1327-4f3C2nd Rosehill Gneas-4th AJC Derby-1st Caulfield Gneas
1969DARYL'S JOYS.BROWNW.SKELTON827-23C3rd Ascot Vale Stk-1st MV Stakes-2nd Caulfield Gneas
1970ABDULG.MURPHYP.JARMAN101333C1st Caul 7f 3CG Hcp-1st Sand 7f 3CG Hcp-4th Caulfield Gneas
1971TAUTOR.AGNEWL.HILL84126G2nd Craiglee Stk-1st Invitation Stk-3rd Toorak Hcp
1972GUNSYNDT.J.SMITHR.HIGGINS1136-4f5H1st Colin Stephen-1st Caulfield Stk-3rd Caulfield Cup
1973TAJ ROSSIJ.B.CUMMINGSS.AITKEN13273C1st Caul 1400m 3CG Hcp-1st MV Stakes-4th Caulfield Gneas
1974BATTLE HEIGHTSR.DOUGLASG.WILLETTS1577G3rd Hill Stk-13th The Metropolitan-2nd Craven Plate
1975FURY'S ORDERW.MCEWANB.THOMSON1675H2nd NZ Avondale Stk-5th NZ 2000m Hcp-4th NZ Wellington Stk
1976SURROUNDG.MURPHYP.COOK14107-23F1st Ascot Vale Stk-1st MV Stakes-1st Caulfield Gneas
1977FAMILY OF MANG.M.HANLONB.THOMSON54104H4th Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk-4th Caulfield Cup
1978SO CALLEDC.S.HAYESB.THOMSON51154H1st Underwood Stk-2nd Turnbull Stk-14th Caulfield Cup
1979DULCIFYC.S.HAYESB.THOMSON897-4f4G1st Craiglee Stk-3rd Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk
1980KINGSTON TOWNT.J.SMITHM.JOHNSTON576-4f4G1st STC 2400m Cup-2nd Caulfield Stk-3rd Caulfield Cup
1981KINGSTON TOWNT.J.SMITHR.QUINTON114-6f5G1st STC 2400m Cup-1st George Main Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1982KINGSTON TOWNT.J.SMITHP.COOK147-4f6G2nd Hill Stk-1st George Main Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1983STRAWBERRY ROADDOUG BOUGOUREL.DITTMAN6711-24H1st Feehan Stk-4th Underwood Stk-6th Caulfield Stk
1984RED ANCHORT.J.SMITHL.DITTMAN1148-11f3C1st Roman Consul-1st MV Stakes-1st Caulfield Gneas
1985RISING PRINCEMS D.STEINK.LANGBY3275G4th George Main Stk-4th Epsom Hcp-5th Caulfield Cup
1986BONECRUSHERF.RITCHIEG.STEWART2109-10f4G2nd NZ Challenge Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1987RUBITONP.BARNSH.WHITE2117-4f4H1st Feehan Stk-1st Underwood Stk-3rd Caulfield Stk
1988OUR POETIC PRINCEJ.WHEELERN.HARRIS335-4f4H1st NZ H/Bay Thbred Stk-1st Feehan Stk-2nd Caulfield Stk
1989ALMAARADC.S.HAYESM.CLARKE1111-4f7H2nd Craiglee Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1990BETTER LOOSEN UPD.HAYESM.CLARKE2112f5G4th Liston Stk-1st Feehan Stk-1st Turnbull Stk
1991SURFERS PARADISEDAVE O'SULLIVANL.O'SULLIVAN109144H2nd NZ Mudgway Stk-2nd NZ Kelt Stk-10th NZ 1575m Hcp
1992SUPER IMPOSED.L.FREEDMANG.HALL26168G2nd Hill Stks-4th Epsom Hcp-1st Canberra Cup
1993THE PHANTOM CHANCEC.JILLINGSR.VANCE9344G5th NZ Mudgway Stk-1st Turnbull Stks-3rd Caulfield Stk
1994SOLVITMS M.MURDOCHD.WALSH311106G2nd NZ 1200m Hcp-2nd NZ Mudgway Stk-1st NZ Kelt Stk
1995OCTAGONALJ.HAWKESR.DYE14615-23C1st Heritage Stk-1st Stan Fox Stk-3rd Caulfield Gneas
1996SAINTLYJ.B.CUMMINGSD.BEADMAN4254G1st Hill Stk-2nd Craven Plate-3rd The Metropolitan
1997DANE RIPPERJ.B.CUMMINGSD.OLIVER75404M2nd Rhil 1100m FM Hcp-6th Rhil 1200m FM Hcp-11th Epsom Hcp
1998MIGHT AND POWERJ.DENHAMJ.CASSIDY128-11f5G1st Chelmsford Stk-7th George Main Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
1999SUNLINET.MCKEEG.CHILDS8464M2nd Theo Marks Stk-2nd George Main Stk-4th Epsom Hcp
2000SUNLINET.MCKEEG.CHILDS101311-8f5M1st Memsie Stk-1st Feehan Stk-2nd Turnbull Stk
2001NORTHERLYF.KERSLEYD.OLIVER13$3.505G1st Feehan Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
2002NORTHERLYF.KERSLEYP.PAYNE15$4ef6G1st Underwood Stk-1st Turnbull Stk-1st Caulfield Cup
2003FIELDS OF OMAGHA.MCEVOYS.KING36$176G18th Rupert Clarke Stk-2nd Toorak Hcp
2004SAVABEELG.ROGERSONC.MUNCE136$153C5th Golden Rose-2nd Gloaming Stk-1st Spring Champion Stk
2005MAKYBE DIVAD.L.FREEDMANG.BOSS104$2f7M1st Memsie Stk-2nd Feehan Stk-1st Turnbull Stk
2006FIELDS OF OMAGHD.HAYESC.WILLIAMS27$199G10th Memsie Stk-5th Feehan Stk-4th Caulfield Stk
2007EL SEGUNDOC.LITTLEL.NOLEN17$76G4th Memsie Stk-1st Feehan Stk-6th Turnbull Stk
2008MALDIVIANM.KAVANAGHM.RODD26$116G4th Underwood Stk-6th Turnbull Stk-9th Caulfield Cup
2009SO YOU THINKJ.B.CUMMINGSG.BOSS147$143C2nd Ming Dynasty-1st Gloaming Stk-5th Caulfield Gneas
2010SO YOU THINKJ.B.CUMMINGSS.ARNOLD55$1.50f4H1st Memsie Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
2011PINKER PINKERG.EURELLC.WILLIAMS1111$264M1st VRC Let's Elope Stk-2nd MV Stocks Stk-2nd Epsom Hcp
2012OCEAN PARKG.HENNESSYG.BOSS99$64H1st NZ Mudgway Stk-1st Underwood Stk-1st Caulfield Stk
2013SHAMUS AWARDD.O'BRIENC.SCHOFIELD153$213C7th VRC Exford Plte-2nd MV Stutt Stk-3rd Caulfield Gneas
2014ADELAIDEAIDAN O'BRIENR.MOORE1113$84H2nd US Belmont Derby-1st US Secretariat Stk-3rd FR Prix Niel
2015WINXC.WALLERH.BOWMAN141$4.60f4M1st Theo Marks-1st Epsom Hcp
2016WINXC.WALLERH.BOWMAN83$1.80f5M1st Warwick Stk-1st George Main-1st Caulfield Stk
2017WINXC.WALLERH.BOWMAN85$1.15f6M1st Chelmsford Stk-1st George Main-1st Turnbull Stk
2018WINXC.WALLERH.BOWMAN66$1.24f7M1st Winx Stk-1st George Main-1st Turnbull Stk
2019LYS GRACIEUXY.YAHAGID.LANE911$2.50f6MFirst run since 1st Japan 2200m Takarazuka (June 23)