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Melbourne Cup

1932 & 1934 Melbourne Cup winner, PETER PAN
Trainer: Frank McGrath
Jockey: 1932-Bill Duncan, 1934-Darby Munro (above)

Melbourne Cup:


  • The first Melbourne Cup (over two miles) was conducted by the Victoria Turf Club on Thursday, November 7. The value of the stake amounted to 930 sovereigns. The Victoria Racing Club took over the Cup after the formation of the Club in 1864.
  • By 1901 (50 years after the first Cup), total prizemoney had grown to 5,367 pounds. When Rising Fast took the 1954 Cup, the race was worth 20,000 pounds, then with metrics introduced in 1972, the Cup stood at $103,000. The first million dollar Cup was in 1985 (won by What a Nuisance) with regular increases occurring over the past three decades. Currently, total prizemoney stands at $7,050,000.
  • 1861 – the first Melbourne Cup, won by Archer
  • 1863 – Cup conducted on Friday
  • 1870 – the Cup meeting postponed by a week due to inclement weather
  • 1875 – first time conducted on a Tuesday
  • 1876 – first 3yo filly to win, Briseis
  • 1890 – largest field (39 runners) to contest the Cup
  • 1916 – postponed from the Tuesday to the Saturday due to inclement weather
  • 1920 – highest weight carried to victory (10 stone or 63.5kg) by Poitrel
  • 1941 – last 3yo to win, Skipton
  • 1942/1943/1944 – conducted on Saturday
   Record Priced Winners
  • Shortest: (8/11f) – Phar Lap (1930)
  • Longest: (100/1/$101) – The Pearl (1871), Wotan (1936), Old Rowley (1940), Prince of Penzance (2015),
   Multiple Winners
  • 3 Wins: Makybe Diva (2003/2004/05)
  • 2 Wins: Archer (1861/1862), Peter Pan (1932/1934), Rain Lover (1968/1969), Think Big (1974/1975)
  • 12 Wins: Bart Cummings
  • 5 Wins: Lee Freedman, Etienne de Mestre
  • 4 Wins: Richard Bradfield, Walter Hickenbotham, James Scobie, John Tait
  • 4 Wins: Bobby Lewis, Harry White
  • 3 Wins: Glen Boss, Jim Johnson, Kerrin McEvoy, Bill McLachlan, Darby Munro, Damien Oliver, Jack Purtell

Melbourne Cup:


YearHorseTrainerJockeyNo.Br.SPWgtA/SLead-Up Form
1880GRAND FLANEURT.BROWNT.HALES46.103C1st AJC Derby-1st AJC Produce Stk-1st Victoria Derby
1881ZULUT.LAMONDJAMES GOUGH505.104H2nd Rand 12f Hcp-3rd Rand 14f Hcp-Unp Essendon Stk
1882THE ASSYRIANJ.SAVILLEC.HUTCHINS337.135HUnp SA 10f Hcp-Unp Caulfield Cup-Unp Melbourne Stk
1884MALUAI.FOULSHAMA.ROBERTSON79.95H2nd AJC Rand Plate-Unp Caulfield Cup-1st Melbourne Stk
1885SHEET ANCHORT.WILSONM.O'BRIEN207.117H2nd Melbourne Stk
1886ARSENALH.RAYNORW.ENGLISH207.54HFirst run back from a spell (311 days)
1887DUNLOPJ.NICHOLSONT.SANDERS208.35H3rd Caulfield Stk-3rd Caulfield Cup-2nd Melbourne Stk
1888MENTORW.HICKENBOTHAMM.O'BRIEN78.34H1st Caulfield Stk-2nd Melbourne Stk
1889BRAVOT.WILSONJ.ANWIN88.76H3rd (DH) Caulfield Stk-3rd Caulfield Cup
1890CARBINEW.HICKENBOTHAMR.RAMAGE4f10.55H1st AJC Spring Stk-1st Craven Plate-1st Melbourne Stk
1891MALVOLIOJ.REDFEARNG.REDFEARN168.44HUnp Caulfield Stk-Unp Melbourne Stk
1892GLENLOTHM.CARMODYG.ROBSON507.135HUnp Caulfield Cup-1st Caul 8f Hcp-Unp Melbourne Stk
1893TARCOOLAJ.CRIPPSH.CRIPPS408.47HUnp Flem 9f Hcp-Unp Toorak Hcp-Unp Caulfield Cup
1894PATRONR.BRADFIELDH.DAWES339.34H2nd AJC Rand Plate-2nd Maribyrnong Cup-2nd Melbourne Stk
1895AURARIAJ.H.HILLJ.STEVENSON337.43F1st SA Derby-3rd Victoria Derby
1896NEWHAVENW.HICKENBOTHAMH.GARDINER4f7.133C1st Craven Plate-2nd Caulfield Gneas-1st Victoria Derby
1897GAULUSW.FORRESTERS.CALLINAN147.86H1st Rhil 11f Hcp-Unp Caulfield Cup-3rd (DH) Hotham Hcp
1898THE GRAFTERW.FORRESTERJOHN GOUGH89.25G1st Craven Plate-6th Caulfield Cup-2nd Melbourne Stk
1899MERRIWEEJ.WILSON JNRV.TURNER7ef7.63C1st VRC 7f Hcp-3rd Memsie Stk-1st Victoria Derby
1900CLEAN SWEEPJ.SCOBIEA.RICHARDSON207.03CUnp Toorak Hcp-1st Coongy Hcp-1st MV Cup
1901REVENUEH.MUNROF.DUNN7-4f7.105GFirst run back from a spell (360 days)
1902THE VICTORYR.BRADFIELDR.LEWIS258.124H5th Eclipse Stk-2nd Maribyrnong Cup-2nd Melbourne Stk
1903LORD CARDIGANA.E.CORNWELLN.GODBY56.83C1st Sand 8f Hcp-3rd Maribyrnong Cup-2nd Melbourne Stk
1904ACRASIAA.WILLIST.CLAYTON147.67M2nd Sand 10f Hcp-2nd Coongy Hcp-2nd Caulfield Cup
1905BLUE SPECW.HICKENBOTHAMF.BULLOCK108.06HUnp Coongy Hcp-3rd Sand 10f Hcp-1st MV Cup
1906POSEIDONI.EARNSHAWT.CLAYTON47.63C1st Eclipse Stk-1st Caulfield Cup-1st Victoria Derby
1907APOLOGUEI.EARNSHAWW.EVANS3f7.95H1st Coongy Hcp-2nd Caulfield Cup-2nd Melbourne Stk
1908LORD NOLANE.MAYOJ.FLYNN166.103C3rd Craven Plate-2nd AJC Rand Plate-3rd Victoria Derby
1909PRINCE FOOTEF.MCGRATHW.MCLACHLAN4ef7.83C1st AJC Derby-2nd Caulfield Gneas-1st Victoria Derby
1910COMEDY KINGJ.LYNCHW.MCLACHLAN107.114H1st AJC Spring Stk-Unp Craven Plate-6th Melbourne Stk
1911THE PARISIANC.WHEELERR.CAMERON58.96G3rd VRC 10f Hcp-4th Caulfield Stk-3rd Melbourne Stk
1912PIASTRER.O'CONNORA.SHANAHAN77.94H1st Rand 10f Hcp-2nd The Metropolitan-3rd Melbourne Stk
1913POSINATUSJ.CHAMBERSA.SHANAHAN157.105G2nd Craven Plate-Unp AJC Rand Plate-1st City Tatts Cup
1914KINGSBURGHI.FOULSHAMG.MEDDICK206.124HUnp The Metropolitan-2nd Rand 12f Hcp-3rd Rand 14f Hcp
1915PATROBASC.WHEELERR.LEWIS87.63C1st Caulfield Gneas-6th Caulfield Cup-1st Victoria Derby
1916SASANOFM.HOBBSF.FOLEY126.123G4th Craven Plate-4th Eclipse Stk-3rd Caulfield Cup
1917WESTCOURTJ.BURTONW.MCLACHLAN48.55HUnp Rhil 10f Hcp-2nd The Metropolitan-3rd Melbourne Stk
1918NIGHT WATCHR.BRADFIELDW.DUNCAN126.95GUnp MV 10f Hcp-1st Caul 9f Wltr-2nd Hotham Hcp
1919ARILLERYMANP.HEYWOODR.LEWIS107.63C1st (DH) AJC Derby-1st Caulfield Gneas-2nd Victoria Derby
1920POITRELH.ROBINSONK.BRACKEN119810.06H2nd Craven Plate-1st AJC Rand Plate-3rd Melbourne Stk
1921SISTER OLIVEJ.WILLIAMSE.O'SULLIVAN248166.93F3rd VRC 10f Hcp-4th Caulfield Gneas-4th Caulfield Cup
1922KING INGODAJ.SCOBIEA.WILSON23687.14HUnp Coongy Hcp-1st Hotham Hcp
1923BITALLIJ.SCOBIEA.WILSON2144f7.05GFirst run back from a spell (101 days)
1924BACKWOODR.BRADFIELDP.BROWN9588.26H8th Caulfield Cup-Unp MV Cup-3rd (DH) Hotham Hcp
1925WINDBAGG.PRICEJ.MUNRO22559.24H1st Craven Plate-1st AJC Rand Plate-3rd Melbourne Stk
1926SPEARFELTV.O'NEILLH.CAIRNS41109.35H7th The Metropolitan-3rd AJC Rand Plate-4th Melbourne Stk
1927TRIVALVEJ.SCOBIER.LEWIS192467.63C1st AJC Derby-2nd Caulfield Gneas-1st Victoria Derby
1928STATESMANW.KELSOJ.MUNRO8157-28.04H1st Rand 11f Hcp-5th Cox Plate-3rd Melbourne Stk
1929NIGHTMARCHA.MCAULAYR.REED3569.24H1st AJC Rand Plate-1st Cox Plate-3rd Melbourne Stk
1930PHAR LAPH.TELFORDJ.PIKE1118-11f9.124G1st AJC Rand Plate-1st Cox Plate-1st Melbourne Stk
1931WHITE NOSEE.HATWELLN.PERCIVAL141286.125HUnp SA 10f Hcp-3rd Morp 12f Hcp-1st Hotham Hcp
1932PETER PANF.MCGRATHW.DUNCAN18104f7.63C1st AJC Derby-4th Caulfield Cup-1st Melbourne Stk
1933HALL MARKJ.HOLTJ.O'SULLIVAN13447.83C1st AJC Derby-2nd Caulfield Gneas-1st Victoria Derby
1934PETER PANF.MCGRATHD.MUNRO122149.105H2nd AJC Spring Stk-2nd Craven Plate-1st Melbourne Stk
1935MARABOUL.ROBERTSONK.VOITRE1279-2f7.114H3rd Caulfield Stk-3rd Caulfield Cup-2nd Melbourne Stk
1936WOTANJ.FRYERO.PHILLIPS1551007.114H2nd NZ 8.5f Hcp-1st NZ 8f Hcp-10th Cox Plate
1937THE TRUMPS.REIDA.REED10711-2ef8.55G1st Toorak Hcp-1st Caulfield Cup-1st Mackinnon Stk
1938CATALOGUEA.W.MCDONALDF.SHEAN516258.48G8th Coongy Hcp-6th Cox Plate-3rd Hotham Hcp
1939RIVETTEH.BAMBERE.PRESTON1245f7.96M2nd Herbert Power-1st Caulfield Cup-3rd MV Cup
1940OLD ROWLEYJ.SCULLYA.KNOX1151007.127G2nd AJC Rand Plte-4th City Tatts Hcp-7th Hotham Hcp
1941SKIPTONJ.FRYERW.COOK131787.73C1st MV Stakes-4th Caulfield Gneas-1st Victoria Derby
1942COLONUSF.MANNINGH.MCCLOUD1923337.24H1st Herbert Power-4th Caulfield Cup-12th MV Cup
1943DARK FELTR.WEBSTERV.HARTNEY597-2ef8.46H1st Caul 7f Hcp-1st MV 8f Hcp-1st Hotham Hcp
1944SIRIUSE.FISHERD.MUNRO443f8.54H1st Herbert Power-4th Cox Plate-1st Hotham Hcp
1945RAINBIRDS.EVANSW.COOK173127.74M3rd VRC 13f Hcp-2nd Caulfield Cup-5th MV Cup
1946RUSSIAE.HUSHD.MUNRO17169.06H3rd Colin Stephen Stk-4th AJC Kings Cup-6th Cox Plate
1947HIRAJIJ.MCCURLEYJ.PURTELL1211127.114G3rd Toorak Hcp-2nd Caulfield Cup-2nd Hotham Hcp
1948RIMFIRES.BOYDENR.NEVILLE2521807.26G1st MV 13f Hcp-8th VRC 13f Hcp-5th Hotham Hcp
1949FOXZAMID.LEWISW.FELLOWS512168.84G6th Caulfield Stk-7th Cox Plate-1st Hotham Hcp
1950COMIC COURTJ.M.CUMMINGSP.GLENNON113259.55H1st Caulfield Stk-7th Caulfield Cup-1st Mackinnon Stk
1951DELTAM.MCCARTENN.SELLWOOD18109.55H1st The Metropolitan-2nd Rand 16f WFA-1st Mackinnon Stk
1952DALRAYC.MCCARTHYW.WILLIAMSON115f9.84H1st The Metropolitan-3rd Rand Queens Cup-1st Mackinnon Stk
1953WODALLAR.SINCLAIRJ.PURTELL95148.44H2nd Caulfield Cup-1st MV Cup-5th Mackinnon Stk
1954RISING FASTI.TUCKERJ.PURTELL185-2f9.55G1st Caulfield Cup-1st Cox Plate-1st Mackinnon Stk
1955TOPAROAT.J.SMITHN.SELLWOOD111967.87G1st Rand 10f Hcp-2nd The Metropolitan-5th Hotham Hcp
1956EVENING PEALE.LAWSONG.PODMORE1210158.04M3rd Caulfield Stk-2nd Caulfield Cup-4th Mackinnon Stk
1957STRAIGHT DRAWJ.MITCHELLN.MCGROWDIE9813-28.55G1st The Metropolitan-5th Cox Plate-6th Hotham Hcp
1958BAYSTONEJ.GREENM.SCHUMACHER78108.96G3rd Craven Plate-4th MV Cup-1st Hotham Hcp
1959MACDOUGALR.W.RODENP.GLENNON51588.116G7th W Fm 11f Hcp-1st The Metropolitan-2nd Hotham Hcp
1960HI JINXT.KNOWLESW.A.SMITH16a6507.105M5th NZ 10f Hcp-16th Caulfield Cup-2nd MV Cup
1961LORD FURYF.LEWISR.SELKRIG1711207.84H1st Colin Stephen Stk-2nd Caulfield Cup-6th Mackinnon Stk
1962EVEN STEVENSA.MCGREGORL.COLES6203f8.55H1st Caul 8f Wltr-1st Caulfield Cup-1st Werribee Cup
1963GATUM GATUMH.G.HEAGNEYJ.JOHNSON2218257.125G9th Toorak Hcp-2nd Caulfield Cup-4th MV Cup
1964POLO PRINCEJ.CARTERR.TAYLOR123128.36G11th Herbert Power-4th MV Cup-4th Mackinnon Stk
1965LIGHT FINGERSJ.B.CUMMINGSR.HIGGINS146158.44M2nd Turnbull Stk-3rd Caulfield Stk-3rd Mackinnon Stk
1966GALILEEJ.B.CUMMINGSJ.J.MILLER41311-2f8.134H1st Toorak Hcp-1st Caulfield Cup-3rd Mackinnon Stk
1967RED HANDEDJ.B.CUMMINGSR.HIGGINS5154ef8.95G2nd Toorak Hcp-2nd Caulfield Cup-4th Mackinnon Stk
1968RAIN LOVERM.ROBINSJ.JOHNSON112478.24H3rd Caulfield Stk-8th Caulfield Cup-1st Mackinnon Stk
1969RAIN LOVERM.ROBINSJ.JOHNSON2589.75H2nd Turnbull Stk-4th Caulfield Stk-4th Mackinnon Stk
1970BAGHDAD NOTER.HEASLEYE.DIDHAM413258.75G2nd Herbert Power-3rd (DH) Caulfield Cup-5th Mackinnon Stk
1971SILVER KNIGHTE.TEMPERTONR.B.MARSH815108.94H8th Cox Plate-2nd Mackinnon Stk
1972PIPING LANEG.HANLONJ.LETTS161140484H4th VRC 2500m Hcp-3rd Caul 2000m Wltr-3rd MV Cup
1973GALA SUPREMER.HUTCHINSF.REYS15249494H3rd Turnbull Stk-1st Herbert Power-2nd Caulfield Cup
1974THINK BIGJ.B.CUMMINGSH.WHITE121612534H7th Coongy Hcp-8th MV Cup-1st Hotham Hcp
1975THINK BIGJ.B.CUMMINGSH.WHITE233358.55H3rd Caulfield Stk-10th Caulfield Cup-10th Mackinnon Stk
1976VAN DER HUML.ROBINSONR.J.SKELTON6239-2f54.55G1st Herbert Power-3rd Caulfield Cup-8th Cox Plate
1977GOLD AND BLACKJ.B.CUMMINGSJ.DUGGAN2147-2f575G8th Caulfield Stk-5th Caulfield Cup-2nd Mackinnon Stk
1978ARWONG.HANLONH.WHITE12205505G1st Herbert Power-2nd Caulfield Cup-5th Mackinnon Stk
1979HYPERNOJ.B.CUMMINGSH.WHITE2117566G5th Caulfield Stks-6th MV Cup-4th Mackinnon Stk
1980BELDALE BALLC.S.HAYESJ.LETTS15221149.55H2nd Herbert Power-4th MV Cup-2nd Hotham Hcp
1981JUST A DASHT.J.SMITHP.COOK791553.54G7th Herbert Power-6th Caulfield Cup-5th Hotham Hcp
1982GURNER'S LANEG.MURPHYL.DITTMAN4228564G1st Caulfield Cup-7th Cox Plate-2nd Mackinnon Stk
1983KIWIE.LUPTONJ.CASSIDY1129526G3rd NZ 2000m Hcp-5th NZ 2200m Hcp-1st NZ 2100m Hcp
1984BLACK KNIGHTG.HANLONP.COOK171110505G7th Moe Cup-2nd Geelong Cup-3rd Hotham Hcp
1985WHAT A NUISANCEJ.F.MEAGHERP.HYLAND13171552.57G6th Caulfield Stk-4th MV Cup-5th Mackinnon Stk
1986AT TALAQC.S.HAYESM.CLARKE4171054.56H4th Herbert Power-2nd Caulfield Cup-1st Mackinnon Stk
1987KENSEIL.BRIDGEL.OLSEN841251.55G6th George Main-2nd The Metropolitan-7th Mackinnon Stk
1988EMPIRE ROSEL.LAXONT.ALLAN11205ef53.56M12th NZ 1600m Hcp-3rd NZ 2100m Hcp-1st Mackinnon Stk
1989TAWRRIFICD.L.FREEDMANR.DYE61130545H17th Caulfield Cup-3rd MV Cup-9th Mackinnon Stk
1990KINGSTON RULEJ.B.CUMMINGSD.BEADMAN817ef535H2nd Coongy Hcp-1st MV Cup-2nd Hotham Hcp
1991LET'S ELOPEJ.B.CUMMINGSS.KING15103f514M1st Turnbull Stk-1st Caulfield Cup-1st Mackinnon Stk
1992SUBZEROD.L.FREEDMANG.HALL814454.54H6th Caulfield Stk-4th Caulfield Cup-5th Mackinnon Stk
1993VINTAGE CROPD.WELDM.KINANE651455.57G1st Ire Curragh Cup-2nd Ire Meld Stk-1st Ire St Leger
1994JEUNED.HAYESW.HARRIS391656.56H2nd Caulfield Stk-13th Cox Plate-2nd Mackinnon Stk
1995DORIEMUSD.L.FREEDMAND.OLIVER6211054.55G8th Underwood Stk-2nd Turnbull Stk-1st Caulfield Cup
1996SAINTLYJ.B.CUMMINGSD.BEADMAN53855.54G2nd Craven Plte-3rd The Metrop-1st Cox Plate
1997MIGHT AND POWERJ.DENHAMJ.CASSIDY327-2f564G2nd Shannon Qlty-8th Epsom Hcp-1st Caulfield Cup
1998JEZABEELB.JENKINSC.MUNCE22166f516M2nd Underwood Stk-6th Caulfield Stk-6th Caulfield Cup
1999ROGAN JOSHJ.B.CUMMINGSJ.MARSHALL17215507G1st Herbert Power-4th Caulfield Cup-1st Mackinnon Stk
2000BREWM.MORONEYK.MCEVOY242214496G1st VRC Bart Cummings-2nd MV Cup-1st Hotham Hcp
2001ETHEREALS.LAXONS.SEAMER1311$10524M3rd NZ Matamata Cup-3rd Caulfield Stk-1st Caulfield Cup
2002MEDIA PUZZLED.WELDD.OLIVER143$6.5052.56G13th Ire 2400m Hcp-3rd Ire 3200m Hcp-1st Geelong Cup
2003MAKYBE DIVAD.HALLG.BOSS1214$8515M4th MV Stocks Stk-4th Turnbull Stk-4th Caulfield Cup
2004MAKYBE DIVAD.L.FREEDMANG.BOSS57$3.60f55.56M2nd Feehan Stk-7th Turnbull Stk-2nd Caulfield Cup
2005MAKYBE DIVAD.L.FREEDMANG.BOSS114$4.40f587M2nd Feehan Stk-1st Turnbull Stk-1st Cox Plate
2006DELTA BLUESK.SUMIIY.IWATA210$18566H3rd Caulfield Cup
2007EFFICIENTG.ROGERSONM.RODD69$1754.54G4th Feehan Stk-11th Turnbull Stk-9th Cox Plate
2008VIEWEDJ.B.CUMMINGSB.SHINN108$41535G7th Underwood Stk-10th Caulfield Cup-11th Mackinnon Stk
2009SHOCKINGM.KAVANAGHC.BROWN2121$10514G2nd Herbert Power-2nd Coongy Hcp-1st Hotham Hcp
2010AMERICAINA.DE ROYER DUPREG.MOSSE811$1354.56H1st Dvle 3000m Carrousel-1st Dvle 3000m Kergolay-1st Geelong Cup
2011DUNADENM.DELZANGLESC.LEMAIRE313$8.5054.56H9th Dvle 3000m Kergolay-1st Geelong Cup
2012GREEN MOONR.HICKMOTTB.PREBBLE145$2054.56H2nd Feehan Stk-1st Turnbull Stk-7th Cox Plate
2013FIORENTEG.WATERHOUSED.OLIVER65$7f556H1st Feehan Stk-4th Turnbull Stk-3rd Cox Plate
2014PROTECTIONISTA.WOHLERR.MOORE510$856.55H1st Germ 2400m Hansa Preis-1st Dvle 3000m Kergolay-4th Herbert Power
2015PRINCE OF PENZANCED.WEIRM.PAYNE191$101536G5th MV JRA Cup-8th Herbert Power-2nd MV Cup
2016ALMANDINR.HICKMOTTK.MCEVOY1717$11527G5th MV 2040m Hcp-1st MRC H White Clssc-1st VRC Bart Cummings
2017REKINDLINGJ.O'BRIENC.BROWN224$1551.54H1st Ire Curragh Cup-2nd Ire St Leger Trial-4th GB St Leger
2018CROSS COUNTERC.APPLEBYK.MCEVOY2319$9514G1st GB 2414m RB105-1st GB Gordon Stk-2nd GB Voltigeur Stk
2019VOW AND DECLAREDANNY O’BRIENC.WILLIAMS2321$11524G4th Turnbull Stk-2nd Caulfield Cup